Why Choose Pedaver

Management Vision: To be the trend setters in the agricultural mechanization process by providing the latest in innovation, research, technology & farm inputs to improve conversion ratios while increased productivity and profitability of worldwide farming community.

Challenges: Food scarcity is the major challenge of the today’s world. We are in a constant state of crisis: Every day at least 16,000 children die of malnutrition, almost 1 billion people of today’s 6.3 billion world population are undernourished. It is also a well-known fact that the modern food production contributes to global warming. Ongoing energy crisis since modern industrial farming - including the whole food processing and distribution process - consumes largest amount of all the fossil fuels. Modern industrial farming – which in the last 40 to 60 years was regarded as crucial to have helped to feed the world, is now entering a vicious circle where it will only increase the crisis instead of showing a way out.


Organic farming could show a way out of food scarcity. It is more sustainable, less toxic and uses the accumulated knowledge and common sense of thousands of years of experience which human kind has acquired through natural history, biology, farming and general survival skills.

Keeping these objectives in mind, Pedaver in collaboration with Cornell University and FAO developed a new crop production process that is an outcome of the unification of System of Crop Intensification (SCI/SRI), Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Organic Farming (OF). The new process is named as Paradoxical Agriculture.

Pedaver is in to large scale crop production. We have set of Technology Centres - Clusters of Collective Farming where Paradoxical Agriculture (PA) crop production process is showcased, farmers are trained, inputs and input applicators are provided, crops are procured, value added and sold in the domestic and the international markets. PA saves up to 70% purchased inputs while yield is increased from 40 to 400% depending upon the benchmark used for comparison.

This initiative is a major step towards poverty alleviation, and is undertaken as our responsibility to feed the needs of growing population and to protect environment.

Paradoxical Agriculture


'Paradoxical Agriculture' is an integration of both the principles and theory of CA under practices of SRI/SCI, on one hand, and the practical and





Farm Sector Productivity Enhancement a Solution for Food sovereignty, Poverty alleviation, Jobs creation by engaging rural youth in food



Science & Technology


In Science & technology there are No “If’s” and “But’s”. Perfection and wider process tolerance can’t coexist.